A few words about... Me!

  • My research is centered on the development of statistical models for the analysis of dependent data, focusing in particular on statistical modelling of networks and on the longitudinal analysis of omics and biomedical data. I also work together with a team of biologists, doctors and neurologists, analysing a variety of clinical and omics data on muscular dystrophies, with a particular focus on the identification of prognostic biomarkers for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

More broadly, I am interested in:

  • biostatistics, statistical genetics and bioinformatics;

  • statistical network science;

  • generalized, linear, and mixed models;

  • variable selection, penalized and high dimensional inference;

  • statistical models for discrete outcomes;

  • model-based clustering;
  • applications of statistics in life and social sciences.

Twitter: @signormirko

​Department of Biomedical Data Sciences

Leiden University Medical Center

Office: building 2, room S5-10

Einthovenweg 20, 2333ZC Leiden

    You can contact me:

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